Posts • September 14, 2021

As County Schools Reopen, Youth Transmissions Are Rising

School is back in session in St. Louis County! But less than a month into our kids being back in the classroom, we’re already seeing an exponential rise in youth cases of COVID-19.

As of Sept. 1, children were testing positive for COVID-19 at a rate of 16%, much higher than the 10% average adults were testing at.

A total of 363 student cases and 56 staff cases were identified by the St. Louis County Department of Health. With only 17 out of 23 public schools and 41 out of 150 private schools sharing COVID-19 data, the real numbers are almost certainly higher.

This data is sobering and a cause of anxiety for parents, administrators and teachers across the County.

What can we do to protect our children, their education and our community in this challenging moment?

  • Teachers, students, and other school staff should wear masks during the school day. Masks limit the spread of COVID-19 particles and ensure those who can’t get vaccinated yet stay protected.
  • Get tested frequently! Even if you’re vaccinated you can still spread COVID-19 with no symptoms. Do your part in stopping the spread by taking advantage of the free testing available from the County. 
  • Everyone 12 and over should get vaccinated. This is crucial to protecting our children younger than 12 and ensuring less dangerous impacts to student health. 

We’re grateful to our schools across the County for their commitment to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all of our students. Our main goal is to keep our kids in school this year. With vaccinations, testing, contact tracing and good hygiene, we can do just that.

If you haven’t gotten your vaccine yet – or know someone who hasn’t – visit our vaccine scheduling page to make a vaccine appointment TODAY!