Vaccines are helping to revive St. Louis County businesses.

Get your vaccine now and let’s get on the road back to normal.

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Unsure about getting the vaccine? You’re not alone!

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What you need to know

Getting vaccinated will help keep you and your family safe

But it’s your decision to make. By getting vaccinated, you can help end the damage done to our economy, prevent more illnesses and deaths in the United States, and eliminate COVID-19.

Learn more below. If you have concerns about the vaccine, talk to a trusted doctor or health care professional.

Vaccine Options

Find a national pharmacy or retailer for a walk-up vaccine or an appointment:
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Find a walk-up event hosted by STL County:
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The vaccine is proven to be safe and effective

The speed of vaccine development was possible because research and data were shared transparently on a scale never attempted before. Every study, and every phase of every trial, was carefully reviewed and approved by the FDA, under both the Trump and Biden administrations. Tens of thousands of people from different races, ages, and genders were included in the trials to make absolutely sure every vaccine is safe.

Vaccines are necessary even if you’ve already had COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccines provide a high degree of protection against becoming seriously ill and dying from the disease. A recent study from the CDC demonstrated that COVID-19 survivors who did NOT get vaccinated were twice as likely to get reinfected, compared to those who had survived an infection and then been vaccinated.

The vaccine is available to everyone, FREE of cost

Everyone will be able to get the vaccine free of cost in St. Louis County. Both walk-up and appointment options are available for all County residents. Many employers are offering paid sick days if you experience any side effects after getting the shot.

More than one million shots have already been given in St. Louis County

Proof that the vaccines are safe and effective is all around us. Hundreds of thousands of people in our community have already been vaccinated, which has dramatically decreased the number of people hospitalized by COVID-19. As new variants continue to spread across Missouri, it’s more important than ever that we all get vaccinated.

Children as young as 6 months can receive the vaccine

Children need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. They will receive a version of the vaccine dosed specifically for children.

You may experience mild side effects

It is true that the COVID-19 vaccine comes with the possibility of side effects. You may feel tired and feverish, and your arm may be sore after you get your shot.That said, side effects are generally mild and typically last less than 24 hours. Side effects also signify that the vaccine is working.

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