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Announcement • August 12, 2021

St. Louis County, Let’s Fight For Our Children

A perspective from Dr. Kathy Bernhard:

I have loved being a pediatrician for the last 30 years. Watching babies in St. Louis County grow into toddlers, then into teens, and finally into mature young adults has been a privilege.

Over the years I’ve seen children come in with colds, flus, and broken bones. Yet in the three decades I’ve worked in my practice, I’ve never seen a virus like COVID-19.

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Announcement • August 6, 2021

St. Louis Cardinals Donate 800 Tickets to County Department of Public Health for Vaccine Incentive Program

The St. Louis Cardinals donated 800 game tickets to the St. Louis County Department of Public Health as part of the department’s COVID-19 community outreach and vaccine incentive program. 

Throughout August, those who receive the COVID-19 vaccine at certain pop-up vaccination clinics or back to school events will receive two tickets to an upcoming ballgame!

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