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Posts • September 14, 2021

As County Schools Reopen, Youth Transmissions Are Rising

School is back in session in St. Louis County! But less than a month into our kids being back in the classroom, we’re already seeing an exponential rise in youth cases of COVID-19.

As of Sept. 1, children were testing positive for COVID-19 at a rate of 16%, much higher than the 10% average adults were testing at.

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Posts • September 8, 2021

St. Louis NAACP President Urges Black Community Not to “Throw Away Their Shot”

St. Louis NAACP President, John Bowman, highlights why he got the vaccine and why he’s encouraging others who look like him to get their doses too.

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Posts • August 30, 2021

Welcome News: North County Vaccination Rates Increase

In the past eight weeks, North County residents have been getting vaccinated at higher rates. 

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Posts • August 18, 2021

COVID-19 Myths: What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines

Get the most important facts to know about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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Posts • August 17, 2021

Sleeves Up STL is Increasing Vaccination Rates And Shaking Up the National Conversation

The Sleeves Up STL initiative is receiving tremendous attention nationwide!

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