October 1, 2021

Eligible Residents Can Boost Their Immune System with a Third COVID-19 Vaccine Shot

This week, Pfizer booster shots became available for St. Louis County residents who meet certain criteria.

The Delta variant of COVID-19 has contributed to an exponential rise in cases. With a significant portion of our local population still unvaccinated, the virus will continue to mutate and create even more infectious variants. That’s why St. Louis County is encouraging residents to follow the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation to give a booster dose to eligible Pfizer recipients 18 years or older.

This booster dose will help protect against more infectious variants like Delta and ensure our county’s health is protected from rising cases.

As is common with most vaccines, the COVID-19 vaccine’s protection can wane over time. That doesn’t mean the shots never worked; rather, a booster has the option to provide increased protection for those who could experience severe illness if infected.

Who’s eligible for a booster shot?

These groups SHOULD  receive a booster shot

  • Residents in long-term care settings
  • People 50 through 64 years old with underlying medical conditions (such as chronic lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, pregnancy)

These groups MAY receive a booster shot

  • People aged 18–49 years with underlying medical conditions  (such as chronic lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, pregnancy)
  • People aged 18-64 years who are at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure and transmission because of occupational or institutional setting

In addition, you must have received two dose of the Pfizer vaccine to be eligible for a booster.

Vaccines are still sufficiently protective for most healthy people who do not have underlying medical conditions or who do not have high risk of occupational exposure, so boosters are not recommended for the general population at this time.

If you’ve already been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine and fit into one of these groups, schedule your third booster shot TODAY.

Thank you for continuing to keep our St. Louis County community safe.