Gift Card FAQs

Get vaccinated by the Department of Public Health and earn $150 in gift cards!

Saint Louis County’s vaccine incentive program is meant to encourage residents to protect themselves and their communities against COVID-19 by initiating and completing vaccination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can get gift cards?

In order to qualify for the incentive, you must:

  • Live in St. Louis County
  • Be 12 years of age or older
  • Get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at a Department of Public Health (DPH) vaccination event.

What are the cards worth?

You will receive one $100 grocery card and one $50 gas card.

How do I get mine?

Cards will be sent via certified mail to the address you give during registration. Be sure that the name and address you give when you register at the vaccine site are correct.

When will I get them?

They will be mailed out as soon as DPH confirms that you are fully vaccinated. 

Where do I get vaccinated if I want to participate?

Events that are sponsored by DPH on or after September 25, 2021 qualify for the program. Visit our vaccine events page for more information, and select sites listed as “Gift Card Eligible.”  

What if I don’t have a stable address?

Please call 314-615-6472 to discuss your options.

Can I get more than one set of cards?

No. Each person is limited to one gas card and one grocery card.

How long will this program last?

Gift cards will be available only while supplies last.