Reopening Spotlight • July 20, 2021

Learn How to Protect Yourself From the COVID-19 Variants

Over the past few months, St. Louis County has made tremendous strides in beating back COVID-19, thanks to vaccines and the effort our community has made to observe social distancing and masking guidelines. 

But now, we’re facing a serious and unprecedented threat with the new Delta variant, a more dangerous strain of the coronavirus.  

Scientists are still studying the Delta variant, but what we know so far is that: 

  • It’s spreading rapidly
  • It’s more transmissible – meaning it’s easier to pass to others
  • It’s causing a serious uptick in cases around Missouri and across the nation

As major outbreaks of the Delta variant occur all over our state, we’re prepared for the new variant to take root in our own community here in St. Louis County. In just the past two weeks alone, our COVID-19 rate of new cases has increased 63%, with alarming spikes in case rates among younger groups, ages 10 to 39. 

Despite these dramatic numbers, we can beat the Delta variant. 

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself, your family and your community:

  • Get vaccinated if you haven’t already. We know that vaccination is the best way to protect yourself. Do not wait: Get vaccinated as soon as possible to reduce your chances of getting this deadly strain.
  • Wear a mask and observe social distancing precautions. Continue to take these safety precautions, especially if you haven’t received your vaccine yet: 

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health advises residents to wear masks whenever they are indoors with other people, regardless of vaccination status.

By taking these precautions and encouraging your community to get vaccinated, you can help protect those who are most vulnerable, including our children under 12 who are too young to get vaccinated. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe from the Delta variant.

Learn how you can get vaccinated here.