Reopening Spotlight • July 20, 2021

Protect Your Children as They Go Back-to-School

With schools returning to in-person learning for this Fall semester, it’s more important than ever to check COVID-19 vaccination off your back-to-school preparation list. 

It is important to get your student vaccinated to keep them safe. The lives of teachers, cafeteria workers, administrative employees and janitors are also all at stake as the more transmissible Delta variant continues to spread across St. Louis County. By getting your children vaccinated, you and your family can be a part of stopping the spread, protecting our community, and reviving St. Louis County from the shadow of the pandemic.

Many people, especially parents, have expressed concern over their children receiving the vaccine. Here are some commonly asked questions about children and vaccine safety: 

Question: Was the vaccine made too quickly?

Answer: While scientists worked quickly to create a vaccine for COVID-19 beginning in early 2020, the mRNA treatments that make up the foundation of this vaccine have been studied in various medical treatments for decades. The material isn’t new, just the way we’re using it. 

Question: Is the vaccine safe for children?

Answer: Hundreds of thousands of children 12 and older have received at least their first dose of the Pfizer shot. Rigorous testing and observation took place before the vaccine was approved for children under 18. Children that have received their vaccine are staying safe from the most dangerous symptoms of COVID-19. 

Question: Will children and adolescents develop any long-term side effects?

Answer: Studies show that vaccines are safe and effective. The likelihood of experiencing a severe side effect is very rare, and the benefits of protecting children from COVID-19 outweigh the risks.

If you have questions about whether the vaccine is right for your children, talk to your pediatrician today about COVID-19. 

Click here to learn where you can get yourself and your children vaccinated.