Reopening Spotlight • July 20, 2021

#SleevesUpSTL: The Movement That’s Bringing Our Community Together to Beat COVID-19

COVID-19 has been tough on the African American community in St. Louis County. And on top of it, there’s a ton of misinformation out there about COVID-19 vaccines. 

The fact is: Vaccines are free, accessible and safe. They’re providing our community with an opportunity to beat back COVID-19, even as the Delta variant spikes in Missouri, and are saving lives.

St. Louis County Department of Public Health is proud to be partnering with barbers and beauticians across the county, to come together in an effort to encourage residents to pull their ‘Sleeves Up’ to get vaccinated. 

The #SleevesUpSTL initiative was born out of the need for County residents to get the facts on COVID-19 vaccines from people they trust. Barbers and beauticians are leading the charge to help their clients get the facts on staying safe and getting vaccinated, by talking to them about their concerns, hearing their hesitations, and reassuring people about getting vaccinated.

#SleevesUpSTL is not just about coming together to beat COVID-19– it’s about saving the lives and livelihoods of those closest to us. 

By creating a movement that puts the needs of our community in the spotlight we can not only beat back COVID-19, we can set ourselves up to revive St. Louis County and come back stronger than ever before. 

But we need to act fast. 50% of Black men in St. Louis County haven’t been vaccinated yet, and the Delta variant is driving COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations up rapidly. 

Join the movement. 

Get your vaccine today, let friends and family know it’s time they get theirs, and support your local barber or beautician by sharing #SleevesUpSTL on social media!

Click here to learn where you can get your vaccine today.