Posts • August 30, 2021

Welcome News: North County Vaccination Rates Increase

In the past eight weeks, North County residents have been getting vaccinated at higher rates. 

The Delta variant continues to drive an uptick in cases throughout St. Louis County, primarily among unvaccinated adults. However, there is good news to report: North County, an area that previously had lower-than-average vaccination rates, has seen a notable uptick in vaccinations. 

Five out of six North County zip codes have seen a 7+ percent increase in vaccination rates; zip code 63136 (which includes St. Louis, Ferguson, and Dellwood) reached a 9.3 percent increase in the last week. 

This notable increase in North County vaccination rates is due in large part to efforts by St. Louis County to reach these neighborhoods. To date, outreach has included holding 116 neighborhood vaccination clinics in 69 locations, many of them in North County, resulting in more than 3,000 doses being administered. This is in addition to community outreach and key initiatives like Sleeves Up STL. 

While these communities are seeing significant progress, we can’t stop now. 

We still have a long way to go to be safe from the rapid spread of the virus. If you have unvaccinated friends and family members, please make sure to speak with them about the importance of getting vaccinated to protect themselves and the greater community. 

Visit the vaccine page to learn more about the efficacy of vaccines and to schedule yours today!